Other Book Marketing Services

While I discuss marketing strategy with clients as part of my design services, some authors want additional book marketing services, such as writing book page and advertising copy, or planning book launches and advertising campaigns.

After your book is released, it’s easy for it to become lost among millions of competing titles. That’s why you need world-class marketing graphics that seize readers’ attention, together with strong copy and a targeted advertising campaign that uses your budget wisely.

With 20+ years of designing, writing, and running online marketing campaigns, I can help you write eye-catching ad copy, optimize book descriptions, develop keyword lists, and design and target advertising campaigns.

Is it time to rebrand your book or series?

If you have a book or series that isn’t getting the readers and attention that it deserves, it may be time to consider a rebrand. Rebranding begins with an evaluation of your book or series and all associated marketing materials in relation to current trends in your genre. And if you’re selling your books in foreign markets, using the same cover everywhere isn’t always the right answer. Covers that are on trend for specific markets can drive significant improvements in sales.

Contact me to discuss your copywriting, marketing, and rebranding needs!